Wed - August 12, 2009

I'm back!

Kekula and I were traveling abroad and that's why no posts recently, sorry to not post something before I left letting folks know I would be taking a break. Anyway, posting will resume and as I have time I'll try to catch up with some of the stuff that happened re Akaka bill and other stuff while I was gone.

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Thu - April 9, 2009

Donate Life

On a personal off-topic note, as many of you know Kekula was the fortunate recipient of a liver transplant in 2001 and is only here because of one woman and her family who gave the ultimate gift. April is National Donate Life Month, and I'd like to draw your attention to a new website launched by the Organ Donor Center of Hawaii, an online organ donor registry on
The spirit of giving has long been a fundamental part of Hawaii’s culture. Today, Hawaii residents can continue in this tradition of generosity by choosing to help the hundreds of local residents who are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Donate Life Hawaii is an online registry that allows Hawaii residents to declare their choice to donate life by being an organ and/or tissue donor. Donate Life Hawaii offers a new opportunity to make your decision known. Your selfless decision to donate organs and/or tissues may help end the needless suffering of the nearly 100,000 patients currently waiting for a life-saving transplant, as well as their families and loved ones.

Once you register on Donate Life Hawaii, you have documented your legal decision to be an organ and/or tissue donor. This information will only be released upon your death and will only be shared with your family by medical professionals and hospital staff. Participation in this registry is voluntary; you may change your mind at any time.

There is no greater gift you can share than the gift of life. Register your decision to be an organ donor today.

The site has an FAQ that dispels most myths about organ donation. Go register as a donor today.

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Sat - January 3, 2009

Upcoming Events

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Tue - December 2, 2008 Top 10 Hawaii Blogs

Mahalo to Ryan Ozawa, longtime fellow blogger at Hawaii Blog, for including me in his guest list of Top 10 Hawaii Blogs on

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Mon - September 8, 2008

Support Organ Donation

Today is the 7th anniversary of Kekula's liver transplant. As she was getting sicker and sicker in her end-stage liver disease, it was the morning of September 8, 2001 that we finally got the long-awaited call to head to St. Francis, and by the following morning she had a new liver.

I like to take this opportunity every year to go off topic and raise a bit of awareness about organ donation. Kekula is alive today because of Marilyn Santana, the woman who made a decision to be an organ donor, and her family who supported that decision in their time of mourning (and who Kekula finally got to meet last year).

Support organ donation. Make sure Donor is on your driver's license when you renew, and talk to your family about it so they know your wishes should the time come. Hawaii does not require family consent to carry out your wishes to be an organ, eye or tissue donor. However, keeping everyone informed will help avoid any confusion or delays.   Print or e-mail a family notification card now.

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Sat - August 9, 2008

This blog is 5 years old

I made the first post on this blog 5 years ago!

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Wed - June 11, 2008

Blog Post # 3000!

Wow. This is my 3000th post on this blog, since my first post on August 9, 2003. Mahalo to everyone who reads it and makes it worth doing.

I'd like to take a moment to shamelessly invite your support for my ongoing efforts here. I appreciate hearing from folks who find this blog valuable. But if you have an extra bit (or lot) of change, please consider throwing me a little love to help keep me going!


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Wed - January 2, 2008 - My New Personal Blog

Well, a new year, a good time to start a new blog. I actually made my first post early last month, but then didn't do anything else with it, including let anyone know it is there, so now with the new year I've decided to announce it and try to start posting to it.

The address is (a name I reserved years ago with the thought that I might do this sooner or later).

I'm reiterating here my first post there...

I have maintained this blog for over four years now, but I've really tried to keep my posts here focused on a limited set of topics relating to Hawaii's independence, Native Hawaiians issues and programs, etc. I've avoided posting too much personal info (except for our cats). But I have a lot of other interests! I've been thinking about starting another personal blog for a while, and I'm finally doing it. I will post on whatever I happen to be interested in, including photos, music, movies, TV, sports (mainly football), family, politics (other than what belongs here), and whatever I'm up to. And the popoki pix will move here now, as well, so if you've enjoyed Hiwa, Xena, Pueo and Pili, please follow them over there. I have no idea how often I'll post, but I figure, gotta start...

Oh, and for the moment I have comments open there. I'm hoping that due to the less controversial nature of the subject matter, the comments won't be too many or too heated and I can manage them okay. I'll at least give it a try.

And right now the layout is plain vanilla (or rather mint, the name of the template), but over time I'll add links and pretty it up some.

(I'm also planning to start a blog for the Kipahulu Ohana, so I'll be posting updates about the various projects I'm working on there, once it get it set up. More on that soon, hopefully...)

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Tue - October 2, 2007

Delayed postings

Sorry for the delayed postings from the last few days, I was having trouble getting my blog software to publish...

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Sat - September 15, 2007

Hau'oli La Hānau, Kekula

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

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Thu - August 9, 2007

4-Year Blog Birthday

This blog is four years old today! 2700 posts later, read my first post for a reminder of why I started.

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Tue - January 16, 2007

Suspending Comments

Okay, time to take a break.

I am suspending the comments, at least temporarily.

My reason is primarily personal. I just have too many projects and obligations right now, and need to focus my time and energy. I need to take the time I spend monitoring (and writing) comments and put it into other things for a while.

Just to give folks an idea... We're getting our cultural interpretive hike going in Kipahulu to educate visitors and generate revenue for our restoration projects, and I'm helping set that up. I'm coordinating a project to organize East Maui folks around opening more lo'i and increasing our production of kalo and poi, starting with a big community gathering (PDF) next weekend. The certified kitchen in Kipahulu where we're processing poi is entering another round of development and upgrades, including probably setting up a co-op. I'm putting together several grants for Hawaiian cultural programs, for building another hale and building a pa hula, and helping with another grant for a crew to do invasive species work in Kipahulu. I'm helping put together a fencing plan for an area of upper Kipahulu to protect three endangered species—and the native forest in general—from goats and pigs (just returned today from my first East Maui Watershed Partnership meeting, in which Kipahulu Ohana is now a supporting partner, where I gave a brief presentation on our fencing plans). These are some of the most important ones, but just of few of my projects, not to mention all the websites I design and maintain, etc. So you get the idea. I need to prioritize and focus.

These are things that I hope even the most ardent opponents of independence and historical revisionists would agree are important. And in the big picture, these things are much more important than Hawaii's political status, which is just a means to help achieve a goal of increasing good and effective government, a just society, self-sufficiency and sustainability—whether through independence, federal recognition, status quo, or otherwise.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, and though I have put it off because I really don't want to stop what has been in many ways a good thing, I feel like the time has come.

Now, while the primary reason is definitely personal, the tone in the comments lately has helped push me over the edge. We have had some very strong disagreements before, but for the most part there managed to be some level of civility and personal respect. But lately it has become in large part dominated by a few posters, some posting anonymously, who just spew vitriol, repeating the same inflammatory rhetoric over and over, abusive, threatening and calling names, without engaging in any real constructive dialog. It has taken place on both sides, but has primarily been instigated by one side (I'm sure that side will disagree with me on that, but that is the way I see it), and then unfortunately sometimes responded to in kind by the other side. The signal to noise ratio has sadly diminished to an unproductive level. This has nothing to do with people disagreeing with my position—I have welcomed that and it has fueled some good discussions. But it does have to do with the tone with which that disagreement is expressed toward me or others. I want this space to be a place where the strong emotions behind these important issues can be addressed through constructive dialog, and not a space where the negative feelings just get inflamed even more. If anyone had the goal of disrupting the comments hoping I would turn them off, they have succeeded, but of course they have also succeeded in removing what allowed them to freely attempt to rebut my posts! While the nature of the comments by itself might not have led me to suspend them, coming in the context of my already thinking about it just due to my busy schedule, it has helped me make the decision.

So, for the time being, everyone can take a deep breath and go focus on something else yourselves, or go find another forum to debate and argue in. Or start your own blogs!

I will continue to post my own posts as I have time and inspiration, but I can't say how regularly that will be. Of course I hope that folks will continue to return to read what I highlight in the news and have to say about it. I know there are lots of readers who don't comment, anyway.

I am actually going to leave the comments up for now, but I'm setting it to moderate comments, and I won't be checking the moderation queue, so comments will not be posted. So don't waste your time writing them. They'll just get deleted. But I don't want to lose all the comments that have been posted previously, and I don't see how else to do it in haloscan.

BTW, just in case anyone is curious, as of today we have had 22,538 comments. I think we started in October 2003. There have been some really good discussions over the years. But time to take a break. Maybe after a while I'll feel like opening them up again.

Mahalo to everyone who has contributed in a positive way to making the comments here the forum that they have been.

If you have thoughts about this, feel free to email me.

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Thu - January 4, 2007

Delayed posts

I've had trouble uploading new posts the last couple days, so posts I wrote on Tuesday and yesterday are finally up, in case you are wondering why something dated Tuesday just appeared today.

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Mon - January 1, 2007

A New Year

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Hope you all had a good 2006, and have an even better 2007.

I thought the start of a new year would be a good time to make note of a few sort of housekeeping items here. Most of this should be self-evident, but just in case it's not, I want to state it for the record.

First, the only thing that necessarily represents my own opinion is my own words. When I post an excerpt from an article or a press release or email that originates with someone else, I am posting it for your information, but it doesn't mean I entirely agree with it. I want to put out information so you can be aware, discuss it, and make up your own minds, but I may or may not share the exact same perspective myself.

Next, this site and my words don't represent anyone but myself. I don't speak on behalf of any group or "the movement." Just myself. I may offer my observations about what I hear people saying, and my sense of what the sentiment is out there, but it is still just my own observation, speaking on behalf of no one else but myself.

Also, I want to clarify that although I'm executive director of the Kipahulu Ohana and I post items here relating to our work in East Maui, this is my personal blog and whatever I post here is from my personal perspective only, and does not officially represent the organization in any way.

Regarding the comments, I want to repeat the basic ground rules that apply to all threads. I have a very tolerant attitude to try to allow the expression of a full range of opinions on what can be very emotionally charge topics, and I very rarely edit or delete comments. The most important rule is: No threats of or incitation to violence. Violation of this will get you warned and the comment edited or deleted, and repeated violation will get you banned. Another stylistic guideline I appreciate everyone follow: don't post entire articles in the comments - cite relevant sections and provide a link. Aside from that, I encourage everyone to be civil to each other, try to avoid personal attacks, and try to make it a space where everyone feels welcome to share their mana'o. And try to avoid the use of profanity. I realize everyone won't follow all of these guidelines all the time, but please try. In the pu'uhonua threads, all the above applies, and I also limit the topic of conversation as stated in the thread. Finally, aside from the basic reasons above why I might edit or delete a comment, I am not responsible for whatever anyone else may post in the comments. Just because someone posts it here doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it.

I'm glad that folks find value in reading what I post and using the space to discuss it, and it should a positive thing. After all, we are all in this together. Let's make 2007 a good year.

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Mon - December 25, 2006

Mele Kalikimaka

Hope everyone has a good holiday with your families.

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Fri - November 10, 2006


Hey folks, sorry for the lack of new posting, I'm still alive and well, just been very busy this week. I'm heading out to Kipahulu today to harvest kalo for the imu to make poi for a blessing we're having at Mu'olea tomorrow. And Sunday and Monday I'll be out, too. So you might not see any new posts of substance until Tuesday. But at some point when I have time I will do a little reflection on the election and catch up on other stuff. Meanwhile, be kind to each other.

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Fri - October 27, 2006

New Sponsor: Hawaiian Island Weddings

Mahalo to our newest sponsor: Maui Weddings by

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Thu - September 21, 2006

Server hacked

Yes, my site was hacked this morning. Actually, the server that it is on was hacked and it affected all of my sites, and many others, not just this one. But anyway, if you were wondering what happened, you weren't imagining things. My apologies.

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Sat - September 9, 2006

5-year anniversary

Two personal off-topic notes...

While most folks are remembering another 5-year anniversary this weekend, for us it has a very personal significance as well—today we celebrate 5 years since Kekula got a new liver and got her life back. (She went into surgery on the 8th and 11 hours later came out on the 9th. Her first day being really awake after coming out of ICU was 9/11...)

We give endless thanks, most of all to Marilyn Santana, the woman who made a decision to be an organ donor, and to her family who supported that decision in their time of mourning. And to the medical teams at St. Francis and Kuakini. Without all of them, she would not be alive today.

Support organ donation. Make sure being a donor is on your driver's license when you renew, and talk to your family about it so they know your wishes should the time come.

And... Happy Birthday to my older brother Shawn!

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Thu - August 3, 2006


Kekula and I are going on vacation for three weeks, so no more posts until we return.

Please be kind to each other in the comments.

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Sun - July 16, 2006


A new blog related site to draw your attention to...

OhanaNet is "an online community of blogs from Hawaii" created and operated by Kimo Kaleiwahea where you can sign up for a free account to create your own blog. So if you're interested in starting a blog (which I hope more folks do), consider this as a local alternative to some of the other blog services out there, and keep an eye on the community for blogs of interest as it develops.

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Wed - June 14, 2006

Change of focus...

Well, a couple of days away turned into almost a week without posting here. I've just been so busy I haven't had time to post anything, much less catch up with all the Akaka bill post mortems and other stuff happening.

I've been thinking about this for a while, but this break has been a good opportunity to reflect, and I want to let you all know that I'm going to (try to) change my blogging patterns.

I just have so many projects that I'm working on that I don't have time to keep up with the blog as I have in the past. I plan to continue posting, but with less frequency. I want to focus on those things that are especially relevant and important, or things that I feel especially moved to add my commentary on, plus other projects that I'm working on, but I'm going to stop trying to keep up with being a clearinghouse for all the articles and items related to Hawaiian issues. It's just too much.

I will have more to say about the Akaka bill when I have a chance, but one reflection is that it has largely been a big distraction. Both the bill itself and the conservative opposition to it have had the unintended consequence of providing exposure for Hawaiian independence, and that is good, but otherwise it has been a distraction of OHA's money, a distraction of time and resources for all those working both for and against it. For me, while all the reaction to the bill's failure was in the news, I was at a grassroots gathering of Hawaiians talking about traditional community-based fisheries management, and the bill was barely mentioned, and then only with a sense of mild relief.

So anyway, like I said, I will continue posting, but I am going to shift my priority to spend my time working on practical projects to perpetuate the culture and protect the resources, like getting more lo'i opened, getting our certified kitchen going and putting poi on the tables of our kupuna, developing a community marine resources management plan, getting a community boat refurbished and operational, putting up some fencing to protect endangered and culturally important plant species in the wao akua, etc, etc. Actually, if I shared all the different projects I'm working on, I think you guys would probably wonder how I ever had time to blog in the first place. But I will also try to blog more about these projects, to share what we're doing here in East Maui that can hopefully be inspiring.

So that's all for now. I can't tell exactly how I'll feel in the future, but at the moment that is my intended direction here.

Of course, feel free to carry on with your discussions in the comments! Just try to be kind to each other.

And mahalo nui to everyone who reads and posts here and makes it worth my while to do.

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Thu - June 8, 2006

Away for a couple days

Just when there's some real action on the Akaka bill, I'm heading to Kaua'i for a gathering on traditional community-based marine resource management for the next couple days, so I'll miss the debate and cloture vote tomorrow and all the coverage. Will catch up when I get back.

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Mon - April 24, 2006

2000 posts

In case anyone cares, this is the 2000th post I've made on this blog, since starting in August 2003.

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Thu - April 20, 2006


Going to Oahu tomorrow for a workshop, so I'll be offline for the next couple days.

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Sat - April 8, 2006

Offline weekend

I'm going to be mostly offline over the weekend, probably no more posts until later Monday at least. Be kind to each other.

He ali`i ka `aina; he kauwa ke kanaka.
The land is chief; man is its servant.
The land has no need for man, but man needs the land and works it for a livelihood.
(`Olelo No`eau 531)

He ali`i ka la`i, he haku na ke aloha.
Peace is a chief, the lord of love.
Where peace is, there love abides also.
(`Olelo No`eau 532)

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Thu - February 16, 2006

Kulana Ho'ike'ike: Laura's new blog

Laura K. Manuel-Arrighi, who is a frequent contributor to the comment threads here, has started her own blog, Kulana Ho'ike'ike.

When I first started this one, I wrote: "I would actually hope that it inspires others of the many wonderfully intelligent and insightful voices in the movement to also start blogs as a way to reach out beyond our own circles and engage a wider audience with the discussion of Hawaii's future."

So I'm glad to see her blog started. Please join me in welcoming Laura to the world of blogging, and visit, bookmark and link to her site. Mahalo.

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Thu - February 9, 2006


I'm going to O'ahu for the HACBED Community Connections workshop on community based economic development and nonprofit venture planning, so no posts for a couple days. -- scott

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In loving memory...

one year since we lost a dear friend, Hawaii lost a sincere champion, and the world lost a good man. but he's still helping na kupuna, i'm sure.

visit the good Rev. St. John's memorial page for David, and please read his final words, his last pule.

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Fri - February 3, 2006

Technical difficulties

I haven't fallen off the map. Just a combination of being busy and having some technical difficulties with posting updates...

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Mon - January 9, 2006

Technorati ping question

Technical blogging question here. No matter how much I ping Technorati, it hasn't updated its index of my blog for months. I have tried to contact them with no reply. Anyone blog savvy know what I might be doing wrong, or have any suggestions about how I might go about resolving this?

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Sat - December 31, 2005

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2006.

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Sat - December 24, 2005

Mele Kalikimaka

May everyone have a peaceful and joyful holiday.

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Sun - November 27, 2005

Vote Hawaii blog in need of new management

Peter Kay, who has been maintaining the blog is "taking a sabbatical" from the site. The site was managed as a sort of group blog that primarily syndicated posts from me here and also from Grant Jones. The fact that the two of us come from quite different places politically made for some interesting juxtapositions at times, and I think there's value to a group blog that offers a range of points of view on Hawaii politics. Anyway, I am probably going to arrange with Peter to be able to continue syndicating some of my own posts there, but I wanted to put this out to my readers here to see if anyone might be interested in taking on the management of the blog, through managing syndications (which Peter says is pretty easy) and/or posting original content. I could be a good opportunity for someone interested in Hawaii politics to get into blogging with a site that already has some traffic and history.

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Tue - October 11, 2005

Back again

I'm back, but might be a little slow catching up. (FYI, I'll also be away again Thursday through Saturday this week at a HACBED Community Connection conference.)

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Fri - October 7, 2005

Weekend offline

Going kalo roots for the weekend. No more posts 'til Tuesday probably.

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Mon - October 3, 2005

Jury Duty

I got summoned for jury selection, so I'm off bright and early for the hour and a half plus drive to Wailuku to be in court at 8:00 this morning. Fun fun. So no posts today, at least till this evening.

Personally, of course, I don't believe U.S. courts have legitimate jurisdiction in Hawaii. But that wasn't on the questionnaire. We'll see whether there is an opportunity for it to come up in voir dire.

FYI, here's the jury trial section of the Hawaiian civil code, which the U.S. should actually be administering under the laws of occupation.

Update: Well my name didn't even get drawn, so pau after the morning. And I didn't have/get to express my personal beliefs about the court's lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

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Thu - September 29, 2005

I'm back

Or rather, my computer is. D'ja miss me? Sorry about that. Power supply went out on my iMac. I love this machine, but this is its second trip to the shop in its first six months. One of the disadvantages of using blog software (iBlog) rather than a web-based blogging tool is that I wasn't able to easily resume blogging from another computer.

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Thu - September 8, 2005

Hosting 'Ohana; 'Ulalena; Organ Donation

We have 'ohana in town so probably no more updates until Friday.

FYI, we saw 'Ulelana in Lahaina finally, after hearing rave reviews about it for years (you know how sometimes you only do things when you have family in town) and it is great, highly recommended.

I also want to note today that September 8, 2001 is the day that Kekula and I got the call from the transplant team at St. Francis telling us that because some stranger had chosen to be an organ donor, Kekula was going to get a chance at life. Her name was Marilyn Santana (we would find out later). And that night, she gave Kekula her liver. She gave the gift of life. To Marilyn—and her family who supported her decision— I owe the profound gratitude of having Kekula with me still today. So I want to take a moment today to remind everyone reading this to support organ donation. Find out how to become an organ and tissue donor. Make sure you list organ donor on your driver's license when you have it renewed. Most importantly, talk to your 'ohana about it, and let them know what your wishes are so that they will understand your decision and support it. (You can also download a family notification form here.) Mahalo.

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Wed - August 31, 2005

Mahalo to Pae 'Aina Productions

Mahalo to Nai'a Watson and Pae 'Aina Productions, our latest blog sponsor. They sell clothing including "Hawaiian National" t-shirt designs, and Hawaiian kingdom publications including the Compiled Laws of 1884 and the Ku'e Petitions. They also provide design and promotion services. Check them out and give them your business!

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Mon - August 29, 2005

Out for the day

Leaving early and out for the day today. No more updates till later this evening or Wednesday. - scott

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Georgia Ka'apuni McMillen has a commentary in the New York Times today on the Kamehameha Schools admissions policy and Doe v. KS.

(book of joe wonders, "All very well and good but why is this essay taking up valuable real estate in the center of the Times Op–Ed page?")

In the Star-Bulletin letters, Taryn Aina points out the diversity at KS, and says "The issue isn't discrimination. For those challenging this policy, I think the issue is greed."

In the Advertiser letters, Eric Po'ohina says: "Congress violated its own Constitution by violating the treaties with the Hawaiian nation. The 15th Amendment does not apply to Hawaiians because Hawai'i is still an independent nation and always will be an independent nation."

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Tue - August 9, 2005

Two year blog anniversary

Today marks two years since my first post on this blog. In blog years, I think that makes this site at least a young makua :)

I have been meaning forever to write up a sort of "About this blog" page to introduce myself and the purpose of the site, and I've never quite gotten to it. But when I go back and read this first post, it is still a good basic introduction, as relevant today as it was then.

Mahalo to everyone who has provided encouragement, feedback and support, posted comments, and even just taken time to read what I have to say here. Mahalo.


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Sun - August 7, 2005


I'll be away from my desk for the next couple days. No new posts until Tuesday, most likely. Aloha each other.

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Tue - August 2, 2005

Out collecting mai'a today

I'm out collecting rare cultivars of Hawaiian heirloom bananas again today, so no more posts until later.

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Mon - July 18, 2005

Postings on VoteHawaii

I just noticed that someone is reposting some of my posts over at the VoteHawaii blog, and has made my blog sort of a contributing blogger there. I didn't set this up myself, but I appreciate the additional exposure. VoteHawaii says it is "a place for citizens of the State to share their views on various political happenings. Our bloggers span both sides of the political debate."

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Sat - July 16, 2005

Under the weather

I'm feeling under the weather, so expect light posting this weekend, if any.

Be kind to each other :-)

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Wed - July 13, 2005

Out again (gathering mai`a)

I'm leaving early Thursday morning and may be out all day again, so no posting until later Thursday or Friday.

Going on an expedition to gather some heirloom Hawaiian banana cultivars for propagation and conservation. Will share more about this project later. (Check out this article from last year for a bit of background on the subject.)

[Well, I manage to get some stuff up this morning...]

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Out today

No posts until this evening maybe...

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Sun - July 10, 2005

Voice of Truth Schedule (I'm on Saturday)

This week's Voices of Truth schedule of programs has been posted at, featuring Hinaleimoana Wong and Dr. Hanalei Vierra, and on Saturday, July 16th the interview with me (I think the very first show they recorded, please keep in mind) will be on 'Olelo on 'Oahu at 8 p.m.

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